Caffè San Pietro: a family history.

All brands have a long story, ours is made up of men, women and…saints.

The men
Vincenzo Nicastro
He is a successful businessman, he has a dream and a project. He bought the oldest bar in Salerno, Bar G. Verdi 1910, and gave it great prestige. He made it become the reference bar of the most important theatre in the city. It is not enough, though. After trying different coffee blends, he decided that it was better to make it on his own: dreams should be pursued with determination. Now the adventure of our second man begins.
Franco Apicella (AKA the Magician)
Vincenzo asks his friend Franco, called the Magician (yes, because he is also an estimated magician!), to make the perfect blend for his bar. Franco has been working in the roasting field for 30 years and….magic! The two create a blend that makes the Bar Verdi a real place of pilgrimage for those who love a coffee in Salerno. Hence, Caffè San Pietro is made: a wood-fire roasted coffee following the old Neapolitan methods and traditions. A unique taste that misses only one thing…
The woman
Maria Elisabetta Nicastro
After having worked in the field of cultural property, today Maria manages the family bar and is the art director of it. She reaches her dream of creating again the atmosphere of the Italian historical Cafés, meeting place for intellectuals and artistic experimentation. Bar G. Verdi is also an independent library, concert hall and hosts theatrical performances, art exhibitions and even more.
The three work together for Caffè San Pietro, each following his/her own talent. Vincenzo is our Director, Franco makes our magic blends and Maria helps our clients to make their bar a place to experience the Italian coffee in the best way.
I was forgetting…the Saint
Saint Peter
Our blend are deeply linked to our territory and our three friends are all born in a small village, San Pietro, twenty kilometres far from Salerno and as the poet said, ^sempre caro mi fu quell’ermo colle^ (It was always dear to me this beautiful hill)!