Caffè San pietro, la chiave del gusto

Our blends are all wood-fire roasted and the result of the perfect marriage of tradition and innovation.


La chiave del blu

Blend: Uganda/Guatemala

Strong, full bodied,
an eruption of taste in the palate.
Our strongest blend for
an explosive waking up!


La chiave del giallo

Blend: Colombia/Brazil/Guatemala

Elegant and creamy,
with fragrances that exalt the delicacy on the palate.
A bland capable of combining taste and smoothness.
The most traditional blend, a travel through time to
guarantee the most typical Italian experience.

La chiave del rosso

Blend: Brazil/Colombia/Honduras

Our first choice!
The finest blend, a sensory experience beyond description,
is beyond compare and is capable of captivating even
the most experienced and finest palates.